Caused by the proceeding digitalization, real services of many domains were projected onto digital ones. Thus, a lot of social and physical values of real environments (e.g., face-to-face contact, spatial orientation, tangible media objects) got lost due to the duality of real and virtual services. This project proposes a paradigm shift, away from building separated virtual worlds to embedding information technology into the social and physical world of a library.

One approach to apply this paradigm shift will be introduced as the concept of the Blended Library, which makes use of the physical and social skills of a user within the library of the future. The theoretical foundation of this work is provided by embodiment theory, which is increasingly becoming relevant when designing integrated work environments. This theory reveals requirements for digital systems, which can only be met by a new generation of user interfaces. Therefore, Conceptual Blending is proposed as tool for creating these new user interfaces.

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  • Prof. Dr. Marc H. Scholl
  • Dr. Christian Grün
  • Lukas Kircher
  • Andreas Weiler