Fellowships for Advanced Researchers Grant No. 131452 (2010-2012)

This research project addresses the fact that with the emergence of cloud computing, new data management requirements have surfaced. Currently, these challenges are studied exclusively in the setting of relational databases. We believe that there exist strong indicators that the full potential of cloud computing data management can only be leveraged by exploiting object database technologies. Object databases are a popular choice for analytical data management applications which are predicted to profit most from cloud computing. Further, objects and relationships might be useful units to model and implement data partitions, while, at the same time, helping to reduce join processing.

Finally, the service-oriented view taken by cloud computing is in its nature a close match to object models. Therefore, this project first investigates which requirements of data management applications that benefit from cloud computing can be addressed by exploiting concepts from the theory of object data models and algebras. Then, these results will be realized and integrated with novel data processing paradigms. Together, these two phases of the project build a comprehensive platform for cloud computing data management. In order to validate the scientific findings of the project, a use case for data management in cloud computing will be defined and implemented using the results put forward by the project.