Fellowships for Prospective Researchers Grant No. 121230 (2008-2009)

Originally intended as a platform enabling content providers to make information globally available, the World Wide Web has evolved ever since. It is the hypothesis of this project that a comprehensive platform to support the design, development and implementation of such sites is required to successfully support web engineering for Web 2.0. The project will analyse current Web 2.0 sites to compile a catalogue of requirements to data management in the context of user-generated content.

In the next phase, we will identify the implications of these requirements on data management systems and propose and implement novel database technologies. To establish a web site design methodology targeted at Web 2.0, existing methodologies will be analysed and the best candidate will then be extended with new concepts.

In its final stage, the project will verify the results by means of a concrete application. Promoting the development of Web 2.0 applications will ultimately increase the possibility of everyday people to contribute to the common knowledge represented by the web. It is our conviction that in order for the web to realise its full potential, everybody has to be given the opportunity to actively participate.