Student Jobs


Our chair is always looking for motivated students to act as tutors in the courses we teach. In particular, we are usually offering positions for the following courses and semesters:

  • Concepts of Computer Science (Informatik 1), every winter term (starting in WS19/20)
  • Database Systems (Datenbanksysteme), every summer term
  • Concepts of Programming (Informatik 2), every winter semester (starting in WS19/20)

These Hiwi jobs typically include both grading of student submissions as well as holding a weekly tutorial. 


In addition to teaching positions, we also offer Hiwi jobs in our research projects. These are opportunities to work in a research context, get creative while solving hard problems, and usually are very programming-intensive. Additionally, they offer a great way to look into a particular topic before deciding on a Bachelor's or Master's project!

The working hours are very flexible. We usually offer jobs ranging from 20-40 hours per month. Access to a dedicated working place is possible if available.

Extending Minibase's Query Evaluator


- Integration of existing query processor code into the new Minibase architecture


  • Bachelor or Master student
  • Basic experience in Java programming
  • Course on Database Systems (INF-12040 or equiv.)


  • Able to produce high-performance Java code
  • Course on Database System Architecture and Implementation (INF-20210 or equiv.)


  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibility for project/thesis
  • Becoming a better programmer
  • Best coffee at the University

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