Minibase for Java

Minibase is a single-user database management system mainly intended for educational use. Students can use Minibase to study and implement several DBMS components, without support for concurrency control and recovery. The source code of Java version that is under development at the University of Konstanz is based on Chris Mayfield's Minibase of Java, which extended and redesigned the initial Java port of the original C/C++ source code. This first version of Minibase was developed by Raghu Ramakrishnan for the practical exercises that accompany the book Database Management Systems. Minibase's history traces back to Minirel course project developed by David DeWitt.


To work with the Minibase for Java source code, the following software must be present on the development machine.

Obtaining the Source Code

The source code is available from GitHub. Contact Michael Grossniklaus to check if you are eligible to get access to our private repository. Once your access has been cleared you can access the project page at: After cloning the source code, please follow the instructions provided in the file in the root folder.


  • Johann Bornholdt: Access and Index Structures
  • Wai-Lok Cheung: SQL Parser
  • Michael Delz: Optimisation of Storage and Evaluator
  • Michael Grossniklaus: Traditional Query Optimizer
  • Marcel Hanser: Heuristic Query Optimizer
  • Manuel Hotz: Query Processor
  • Nadja Sadowski: Storage Advisor
  • Manfred Schäfer: Management Studio
  • Leonard Wörteler: B+Tree, Buffer and Disk Manager
  • Manuel Prinz: SQL Parser


The Ministry of Science, Research and Art (Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst) of Baden-Württemberg is funding extensions to Minibase that help to improve the software for its use in education.