Niagarino is a very simple and lightweight data stream management system implemented in Java. Many if not most of its concepts are inspired by or based on NiagaraST, which is being developed by members of Datalab at Portland State University. Apart from offering fewer stream operators, the main difference between NiagaraST and Niagarino lies in the fact that the latter cannot handle streams with disorder, which is one of the major strengths of NiagaraST.


To work with the Niagarino source code, the following software must be present on the development machine.

Obtaining the Source Code

The source code is available from GitHub. Contact Michael Grossniklaus to check if you are eligible to get access to our private repository. Once your access has been cleared you can access the project page at: After cloning the source code, please follow the instructions provided in the READ.ME file in the config folder.

Project Members

  • Florian Junghanns: Linear Road Benchmark
  • Michael Grossniklaus: Query Processor
  • Maximilian Ortwein: Paging Subsystem
  • Andreas Weiler: Event and Topic Detection