Our chair is always looking for motivated students to act as tutors in the courses we teach. In particular, we are usually offering positions for the following courses and semesters.

  • Database Systems (Datenbanksysteme), every summer semester
  • Concepts of Programming (Informatik 2), every winter semester

These Hiwi jobs typically include both grading of student submissions as well as holding a weekly tutorial. 


In addition to teaching positions, we also offer Hiwi jobs in our research projects. These are opportunities to work in a research context, get creative while solving hard problems, and usually are very programming-intensive. Additionally, they offer a great way to look into a particular topic before deciding on a Bachelor's or Master's project!

The working hours are very flexible. We usually offer jobs ranging from 20-40 hours per month. Access to a dedicated working place is possible if available.

Available jobs

1. Visual Graph Query Interface for Neo4j

This project aims at the design and development of a web (or desktop) application that operates as a visual interface to the graph database Neo4j enabling the formulation of graph queries and the visualization of the results. More information here.