Individual Grants Programme Grant No. GR 4497/2-1 (2016-2018)

In this project, we will address these requirements in the tradition of database research by designing and developing a general query processor for graph databases.

The research conducted in this project will be structured into two streams of work. The first stream of work will approach the problem "top-down" by starting from concrete graph query languages that belong to a well-defined class of query languages. The functionality of popular query languages in this class will be analyzed in order to formally define a common graph data model and a unified algebra of operators.

The second stream of work will address the problem "bottom-up" by starting from existing algorithms for graph operations and index structures. The dependencies between the characteristics of a graph and the possible algorithms to accomplish a certain processing task will be studied systematically.

Based on this empirical study, an analytical cost model will be derived that will tie the results of both streams of work together in order to build a query processor that translates logical graph processing tasks into optimized physical execution plans.