MSc Jürgen Hölsch



Jürgen studied Information and Computer Science at the University of Konstanz. In 2012, he received a Bachelor's Degree in Information Engineering with a specialization in data mining. He acquired a Master's Degree in Computer and Information Science in 2015. Jürgen's Master's Thesis, which was selected for publication in the Springer's BestMaster 2016 program, demonstrated how the NF2 algebra can be applied to the optimization of nested SQL queries.


Winter Semester 2015/2016

  • INF-20210: Database System Architecture and Implementation (Winter 2015/16)


  • Jürgen Hölsch, Tobias Schmidt, and Michael Grossniklaus: On the Performance of Analytical and Pattern Graph Queries in Neo4j and a Relational DatabaseProceedings of GraphQ 2017, EDBT Workshop on Querying Graph Structured Data, Venice, Italy, March 2017
  • Manuel Stein, Halldòr Janetzko, Daniel Seebacher, Alexander Jäger, Manuel Nagel, Jürgen Hölsch, Sven Kosub, Tobias Schreck, Daniel A. Keim and Michael Grossniklaus: How to Make Sense of Team Sport Data: From Acquisition to Data Modeling and Research AspectsData, 2(1), March 2017
  • Jürgen Hölsch, Michael Grossniklaus, and Marc H. Scholl: Optimization of Nested Queries using the NF2 Algebra. In Proceedings of SIGMOD 2016, International Conference on Management of Data, San Francisco, CA, USA, June/July 2016
  • Jürgen Hölsch and Michael Grossniklaus: An Algebra and Equivalences to Transform Graph Patterns in Neo4jProceedings of GraphQ 2016, EDBT Workshop on Querying Graph Structured Data, Bordeaux, France, March 2016
  • Jürgen Hölsch: Optimierung von Nested Queries unter Verwendung der NF2-AlgebraSpringer Vieweg BestMasters, Springer Fachmedien, Wiesbaden, Germany, March 2016 (ISBN 978-3-658-12609-4)