MSc Johann Bornholdt

PhD Student

Areas of Interest

Johann’s research is located in the area of graph database systems and the application of machine learning models on graph data. He is working on sub-graph matching algorithms on temporal-spatial graphs using machine learning.


Johann studied Business Information Systems at the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences. In 2013, he received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Systems with a specialization in Software Engineering.
Johann studied Information and Computer Science at the University of Konstanz. He acquired a Master's Degree in Computer and Information Science in 2016. In his Master's Thesis, Johann developed a system to compile Relational Query Operators at runtime using Java Bytecode generation.
After earning his Master's Degree, Johann worked as a Software Developer at SEITENBAU GmbH.
He joined the Database and Information Systems group as a PhD student in late 2020. Johann is a member of the Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour.