MSc Leonard Wörteler

PhD Student

Areas of Interest

Leo's research is located in the area of query optimization. His research interests include query optimizer architectures, parallel heuristic optimization algorithms, and query optimization for non-relational databases.


Leo studied Information and Computer Science at the University of Konstanz. In 2012, he received a Bachelor's Degree in Information Engineering with a specialization in databases and information systems. He acquired a Master's Degree in Computer and Information Science in 2015. In his Master's Thesis, Leo demonstrated how optimization techniques from functional programming languages can be applied to XQuery optimization. He joined the Database and Information Systems group as a PhD student in 2015.


Winter Semester 2017/2018

  • Database System Architecture and Implementation

Summer Semester 2017

  • Informatik 2


  • Alexander Fillbrunn, Leonard Wörteler, Michael Grossniklaus, Michael R. Berthold: Bucket Selection: A Model-Independent Diverse Selection Strategy for Widening. IDA 2017: 87-98
  • Leonard Wörteler, Michael Grossniklaus, Christian Grün, Marc H. Scholl: Function inlining in XQuery 3.0 optimization. DBPL 2015: 45-48
  • Josua Krause, Marc Spicker, Leonard Wörteler, Matthias Schäfer, Leishi Zhang, Hendrik Strobelt: Interactive Visualization for Real-time Public Transport Journey Planning. SIGRAD 2012: 95-98